• Domestic violence
  • Gender based violence (GBV)
  • Violence against women (VAW)

Addressing gender-based violence with companies in Papua New Guinea

23rd November, 2017

In Papua New Guinea, gender-based violence (GBV) is widespread, with 94 percent of employers saying their staff has likely experienced GBV. This violence affects women at home and at work. The impacts on the workplace are many and varied: The threat of violence at work increases liabilities, creates occupational safety and health risks, and reduces productivity by affecting victims’ performance. It also contributes to turnover and hinders career progression. For the private sector, these expenses add up, with direct costs of GBV adding 3 percent to 9 percent to total payroll expenses and indirect costs adding another 45 percent.

To address this and other gender-related challenges, a group of companies from Papua New Guinea came together under the umbrella of the IFC-sponsored Business Coalition for Women (BCFW). By developing and implementing GBV policies and working jointly to change public perceptions, coalition members have been successful in supporting their employees and reducing the costs of GBV.

  • Excerpt from case study

A copy of this case study is available from the World Bank Group, or you can download it directly from the link provided below.