Women in leadership program

Does your business need help to develop the leadership and management skills of your female workforce? Do you have emerging female talent serving in or preparing for their first management roles? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions then rest assured that the BCFW offers a range of training to help your business thrive. Investing in your female talent pool not only brings diversity to your management team but also drives innovation, leads to better business decision making, and often results in improved financial performance.

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

The Business Coalition for Women offers a Certificate IV Course in Leadership & Management (BSB 42015) to help your business develop its female leaders and reap the benefits of having a gender diverse leadership team. PNG businesses shaped the course curriculum through participatory workshops and continue to shape it through ongoing feedback.

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Senior Executive Women’s Program

This course is targeted to women in Executive and Senior Management, and is facilitated by the Asian Development Bank. The program is also well suited to women who have successfully completed the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, and who wish to further develop their knowledge and expand their career opportunities.

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Foundations of Directorship course

Foundations of Directorship Online is delivered as a flexible 11-week program (including pre-reading time and optional assessment period). The program consists of six sessions that are delivered over three days of virtual classroom sessions utilising Zoom.

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