Addressing violence program

Violence against women can take many forms, including gender-based violence, sexual harassment, bullying, and domestic violence. In order for women to thrive they must live and work in safe environments, free from violence.

Anti-Sexual Harassment (ASH) Policy Development

We can assist your business or organisation to develop or revise policies and employee training programs to ensure compliance with your duty-of-care obligations in PNG and alignment with international leading practices. We provide a model policy for BCFW members which can be adapted to suit the specific requirements and challenges of your business.

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Family and Sexual Violence (FSV) Policy Development

We can assist you to develop an FSV workplace policy tailored to your business and provide guidance to clarify your legal obligations. We will also share the latest research and leading practices to help you understand the business impacts of FSV, and how you can make a difference to your employees and your bottom line by tackling this challenging issue.

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Staff Education Sessions and Training

Your investment in time and effort to develop robust policies around issues such as FSV and sexual harassment would be wasted without a corresponding investment in training and education. We can provide expert training tailored to your human resources staff, management teams, and employees to help them understand their important roles and responsibilities.

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