Our coalition

The Business Coalition for Women is a member based organisation. Registered businesses of all sizes operating in PNG are invited to join the Coalition to benefit from our collective expertise. Our members know that overcoming the challenges faced by women in the PNG workforce goes beyond the actions of individual businesses. They are ready to be part of history in the making as part of a Coalition of businesses advocating for change.

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We rely on member businesses to fund our work towards gender equality in Papua New Guinea. By becoming a member, your business will not only benefit from access to our expertise and advice through our business consultancy and training programs – it will also be making an important contribution towards our advocacy work on issues such as addressing violence against women, increasing opportunities for women in leadership through improved training and education, and expanding opportunities for women-owned businesses in supply chains.

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Our supporters

The Business Coalition for Women is supported by the Australian Government in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea as part of the Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program.

Make a donation to support our work!

There is still a long way to go before PNG achieves full gender equality in all aspects of business and society. Whether you are a private citizen, an organisation, or an existing member, one way to show your support for the BCFW’s advocacy work is by making a donation. As a registered not-for-profit organisation, we rely on memberships and donations to sustain our activities. Your donation will make an important contribution towards the sustainability of the BCFW and our advocacy work.

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Our strategic pillars

At BCFW we recognise that there are many different approaches to addressing issues of gender equality. As a social enterprise that works primarily with businesses, we have focussed our expertise, resources, training, and services around four core areas that are particularly relevant to the business environment in Papua New Guinea. We have the expertise to help you to identify opportunities for your business across each these strategic pillars, or to focus on specific areas of concern for your business.

Single pillar

Eliminating violence against women

Violence against women can take many forms, including gender-based violence, sexual harassment, bullying, and domestic violence. In order for women to thrive they must live and work in safe environments, free from violence.

Two pillars

Promoting women to leadership roles

Simply setting quotas is not enough to ensure women have everything they need to successfully apply for leadership positions. Women also need equal access to training and education, childcare support, and assistance with domestic responsibilities.

Three pillars

Recruitment and retention of women

Strong female participation in the workforce is about more than meeting diversity targets. It is crucial to ensure your business has access to the vast pool of female talent in PNG. Many studies have shown the business benefits of a gender-diverse workforce.

Four pillars

Opportunities for women in supply chains

Supply chain management can be leveraged to help ensure economic opportunities for women. We can assist you to identify producers, manufacturers, and service providers that employ women, are owned by women, or otherwise support women’s equality.